The latest generation Exposure Unit
Our team continues to develop innovative new solutions to help our customers expand their business by taking advantage of new and profitable opportunities in the growing flexographic packaging market. The Elan Innovative Technologies portfolio of products includes ELANExpo exposure unit, ELANDryer drying unit, ELANFinaliser post exposure and finishing unit and DISTIElan distillation equipment.
The ELAN Expo XXL is designed with customer needs in mind; it is easy to install, support, maintain and operate. It is robust, extremely cost effective and reliable.


• Maximum plate size 50" x 80" (1,270 x 2,032 mm) or
two 42" x 60" (1,067 x 1,520 mm)
• Linear moving design
• High power UV-A fluorescent tubes
• Individual lamp sensor measurement tool
• Exposure in standard digital polymer mode
• Temperature controlled exposure
• PLC control with color touch screen display
• Double side exposure
• In left side analog exposure mode and in the right side digital exposure mode ( back and main exposure at the same time )
• Preheating to obtain constant quality
• Post Exposure and Light Finisher available upon request\
• Optimum productivity

Product Features

ELAN EXPO XXL can expose, post-expose and finish to the highest quality, photopolymer plates up to a nominal maximum format of 1270 x 2032 mm (50" x 80") or two 1067 x 1520 mm ( 42" x 60" ) .
The Exposure section is a linear moving design holding 51 UV-A fluorescent tubes with built-in reflectors in the head for main exposure and 40 UV-A for back exposure. So in the same time you can exposure without turning the plate.
LED string illuminates the exposure bed for inspection of the plate surface.
The unit is controlled through a digital touch pad. To meet the demanding needs of high quality plates, the user can easily customize more than 100 exposure set-ups, which can be stored for quick and easy recall.
Each tube is constantly monitored by the PLC, giving the operator a visual indication in the touch screen.
There are a lot of counters imbedded in the PLC to keep track of the number of hours the UV-A and UV-C tubes have been in operation, or the nitrogen generator.
The Post Exposure and Light Finisher section hold 42 UV-C and 43 UV-A tubes. The PLC allows the user to perform exposure, post exposure and finishing simultaneously. The post exposure and finisher section has 10 basic set-ups that can be easily customized by the user.

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