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Our team continues to develop innovative new solutions to help our customers expand their business by taking advantage of new and profitable opportunities in the growing flexographic packaging market. The Elan Innovative Technologies portfolio of products includes ELANExpo exposure unit, ELANDryer drying unit, ELANFinaliser post exposure and finishing unit and DISTIElan distillation equipment.
The ELAN Dryer XXL is designed with customer needs in mind; it is easy to install, support, maintain and operate. It is robust, extremely cost effective and reliable.


• Maximum plate size 50" x 80" (1,270 x 2,032 mm) or
two 42" x 60" (1,067 x 1,520 mm)
• Robust and easy to support
• Each dryer with separate heating system
• Blowers, control and regulation to ensure high airflow
• Consistent and uniform temperature
• PLC control with color touch screen display
• Low energy consumption
• Optimum productivity

Product Features

ELAN Dryer XXL is capable of drying the highest quality, photopolymer plates up to a nominal maximum format of 1270 x 2032 mm (50" x 80") or two 1067 x 1520 mm ( 42" x 60" ) .
The unit is easy to install, easy to support and maintain, simple to operate, and extremely reliable.
Each of the six drawers can be individually controlled through the touch screen control panel. This allows the choice of drying time for each drawer and the time countdown is performed second by second. This function allows the user to set the most appropriate drying time, depending on the type and thickness of the plate being used.
To meet the demanding needs of high quality plates, the user can easily customize more than 100 drying set-ups, which can be stored for quick and easy recall.
Consistent drying temperatures and airflow throughout the six separate drawers of the ELAN Dryer XXL ensures plate drying uniformity, and plate dimensional stability.
The operator can open a dryer drawer to visually inspect the plate and determine its status anytime during operation.
Automatic control (closed loop) between the temperature setting on the PLC and the heating elements prevents overheating in the drawer.

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