- Product-affected parts in stainless steel
- Rotating scrapers prevents incrustations on the boiler walls and   improve heat transfer within the liquid as well resulting in a high distillation yield
- Conical distillation vessel in stainless steel with plain surface. Easy and complete drainage of vessel content by natural
- Closed liquid cooling system, no water consumption, good condensation of solvent
- Vacuum unit for lowering process temperatures
- Electric panel with programmable logical controller (PLC) and Touch - - - Screen user interface
- Manual and Automatic operation, batch distillation or continuous distillation possible
- Automatic filling stops when a preset filling quantity is reached; the filling quantity is monitored by flow meter
- Control of the heating temperature according to the boiling temp.
- Residue temperature control system for processing heat-sensitive substances
- Distillation output monitor for automatic distillation stop when the output drops below a set limit
- Fully automated distillation with automatic residue monitoring in a disposal container monitored by a scale
- Installed a lot of sensor for your safety and auto-stop when an error occurred
- Automatic refilling your system with fresh solvent if needed
- Operator free operation
- No cleaning needed manually
- Can be controlled remotely ( Phone, PC )

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